2023 Africa Liberty Camp

2023 Africa Liberty Camp

This is an annual event organized by Action for Liberty and Economic Development, 2023 Africa Liberty Camp is the 9th camp since 2014. This will be held at Oslo Gardens , Nakiwogo Entebbe and it will run for 3 successful days from 27th to 30th April 2023.

Africa Liberty camp attracts university students, younger leaders and younger professionals from the African continent and speakers from all over the worlds who are passionate about freedom.

This camp is an opportunity for young people to explore and learn and discuss with great teachers of the free-market system, rule of law , individual liberty, limited government, CEOs of free-market institutions, entrepreneurs from across the globe and meeting the teams of young leaders working to create a free market society. The participants of this event always have the opportunity to find the relationship between freedom and prosperity, Cognitive thinking and objective reasoning rather than just accepting whatever is call truth is encouraged. Students join us to learn, discuss and to understand the relationship between freedom and prosperity as well as a philosophical background of ideas for a free society.

As an organization, we hold a strong belief that educating the young people as our niche/target group as a foundation for building a free and prosperous society. We believe & uphold the power of free-market ideas in transforming the lives of individuals and how the free market has in few decades lifted thousands of people out of poverty and made the world more prosperous.

Africa liberty camp 2023 dedicated to innovations and entrepreneurship as recipe for free society.

  • To recruit and build young libertarian advocates in Uganda and Africa.
  • To introduce to students, youth and young professionals to free market ideas.
  • To impart free market values in the students and make them appreciate the need and role of free market, take them up, to protect and guard those values.
  • To increase the revolutionize and expand to many more young people who understands and defend ideas of a free society.
  • To recruit more leaders and defenders of free market ideas in the universities.
  • To learn more about the role of free market society, its importance and how it has created wealth and lifted millions of people out of poverty in a few decades.
The camp participants This camp attracts students, young leaders, young professionals and free market speakers from across the world. The other participants in the liberty camp also include leaders of libertarian and freedom organization especially from African continent.