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ALED organizes events such as Forums, summits, Camps, symposium, debates, seminars, colloquium, and essay competition.

8th - 10th JUNE, 2022
Liberty camp 2021, during presentation session

This is an annual event organized and runs for 3 successful days of intensive debate, dialogue and discussions. 2022 African liberty camp is our 8th…

Kampala Business Equilibrium

We are libertarians in Uganda advancing the cause for a free market society, advocate for liberty, rule of law and property rights.

African Liberty Forum

A business forum that gives different entrepreneurs an opportunity to speak about ideas that can improve their economic status.

21st - 24th APRIL, 2021

Liberty Camp is the biggest locally organized regional event which introduces undergraduate students to ideas of free enterprise and its benefits – individual liberty and increased prosperity.

19 - Feb, 2021

A business forum that brings business people, community policy makers, academics and media practitioners to deliberate on polices that affect them.

march, 2021

Entrepreneurship and Economics Course is running in 20 high schools in Uganda to introduce students to free market based Economics.

May, 2021

ALED (African Liberty & Economic Development) is launching some of its published books in May 2021. …

june, 2021
University Out Reaches

This is one of the biggest annual events that ALED organizes under our Advocacy & Out-reach programs that aim at promoting and defending a free enterprise.

7th - 9th july, 2021

This is one of the biggest annual forums that bring together the business community in Uganda to discuss ideas and polices for a better business environment.