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ALED is a libertarian and free enterprise think tank that was established in 2017, our mission is to promote a free and prosperous society with aspect of entrepreneurship and individual liberty, vision is a free and prosperous society. We are a registered organization established in 2017.

We believe and promote ideas of a free society and we have been at the center stage of promoting individual liberty, free market, property rights, limited government and rule of law. Our role is to foster a society where an individual live his or her life on own terms that will  turn foster peace and prosperity of all citizens and influencing public policy change.

Since our inception 2017, ALED has had various projects achievements, we mobilized and established a libertarian national Library with liberty literature, we have worked with students for liberty and we have established over 18 SFL chapters in higher institution of learning and universities. We established a farm on 4 acres of land with food crop growing project; in our move this is meant to practically give skills and income to the community, this has enabled us to get some incomes and also showing the public the case of how the market works in a free society economy.

We have created partners and friends in liberty movement across the global that has helped in guiding our organization development in terms of works, information, knowledge, training and capacity building. We have also engaged in public debate and we have together with the public influenced policy win such as social media taxes that was too exorbitant and the government at least dropped a half of the tax. We have move and partnered with various libertarian individuals and organizations.

We have recruited, mentored and raised a number of libertarian leaders in the community, institutions of higher learning and the numbers of people associating with libertarianism are rising. And we do this through conferences, camps, seminars and discussions.  We undertake discussions in ideas of a free society with libertarian scholars, entrepreneurs, economists, leaders, young professionals and activists from the globe who have discussed on range of topics like free market, rule of law, individual liberty, capitalism, culture, property rights and etc, this is done to increase on the number of people in the community who shares knowledge, understanding of and commitment to building of a free society. We are working at rising a generation of young intellectuals who challenge and influence policy change in the climate of ideas.

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Our programs are aimed at promoting entrepreneurship, empowering youth and women to advocate for their economic rights and freedom

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