(Action For Liberty & Economic Development)

Promote a Free and Prosperous society with the aspect of entrepreneurship and individual liberty.
About us

A Free and Prosperous Society.

ALED Offices

ALED(Action for Liberty & Economic Development) is a libertarian think tank which promotes free market, rule of law, limited government, property right, Education and entrepreneurship.

Liberty Library
Liberty Library is a collection of books, academic papers, CD's and scholarly works that promote, create and give meaning to human flourishing.

ALED events that promotes a Free & Prosperous Society.

Libert Camp is the biggest locally organized regional event which introduces undergraduate students to ideas of a free enterprise and its benefits, individual liberty, freedom and voluntarism.

This is one of the biggest annual forum that brings together the business community in Uganda to discuss the ideas and polices for a better business environment.

These are programs meant to introduce both university and high school students to ideas of a Free and Prosperous societies such as entrepreneurship, free market enterprise, law, etc.

This course introduces high school students to the practical ways of applying economics in different businesses in the community. Students come to learn the aspects of incentive, price, profit and how these determine production and market.

These are meant to engage business stack holders such as business owners, business leaders, policy makers to revise and create policies for better business operations.

This a new program aimed at introducing high school students to understanding the concept and ideas that markup a free society and how these translate into peace & prosperity.

Our impact
Influencing free market policy, Educating the young generation on ideas of free society, Creation of Alternative solution in community, formation of the Chamber of commerce and Readership through Liberty Library services.

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